Bynav appeared on CCTV, high precision navigation applied in smart cars.

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On May 22, 2019, the 10th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference was held at the Beijing Shunyi·National International Conference and Exhibition Center.



As the highest level academic exchange platform in China's satellite navigation field, this year's annual conference has set up four forums: “Basic, Meet Ten Years”, and has set up four forums, including academic forums, academic exchanges, achievement exhibitions and high-end forums. Scholars have systematically demonstrated the development achievements of China's satellite navigation industry in the past decade.



Along with the development of China's satellite navigation industry, Beiyun Technology has made great progress and has become a major manufacturer of high-precision positioning core components in China, and has continuously developed and innovated towards international development.


At the annual meeting, Beiyun Technology brought the latest products to the exhibition. GNSS chips, high-precision board receivers, integrated navigation systems and other exhibits attracted many domestic and foreign experts and guests to stop and visit.




Media report

On the first day of the annual meeting, the guests' meeting room was received by many news media. Beiyun Technology's exhibits and product demonstrations were received and reported by CCTV and other mainstream media.


▲Media focus scene


▲CCTV7 channel report


▲CCTV News Channel Report



Integrated Navigation System X1 - New Product Launch



At 12 o'clock on May 23, Beiyun Technology CEO went to the new product release area of the annual meeting with the heavyweight product "combined navigation system X1". As one of the few companies in China that successfully developed high-precision positioning core boards, Beiyun continued to climb one technology and another technology and successfully launched the “combined navigation system X1”.

At the press conference, the principle structure and main features of the "combined navigation system X1" were introduced in detail.


Integrated navigation system X1

Built-in GNSS high-precision receiver and IMU inertial sensor, integrated visual SLAM processing function, using IMU/VIO information to assist RTK ambiguity resolution and baseband signal tracking. It is optimized for in-vehicle applications and can effectively cope with harsh environments such as satellite signal interference and occlusion, providing stable, continuous and reliable high-precision position and attitude information for smart cars.




With the rise and continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, the distance between autonomous driving and the public is getting closer and closer, and the realization of automatic driving is inseparable from the support of high-precision positioning. Integrated navigation is the best solution for high-precision positioning of automatic driving. One of the solutions, high-precision positioning and Beiyun will usher in a period of strategic opportunity for rapid development.


The wonderful speech attracted many guests, and the audience in the questioning session raised questions about the technical principles, performance indicators and development strategies of the "integrated navigation system X1".



The "Integrated Navigation System X1" will be available in volume in the fourth quarter of this year, and your reservation is welcome.



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