Dealer recruitment

Dealer recruitment

Partnering with BYNAV can help you expand your business, engage customers, and earn more money. 

If you recognize our brand, technology, products and market prospects, we looks forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you.

  • Technical advantages

    Technical advantages

    Technical advantages

    Bynav specializes in developing high-precision positioning technology, including positioning modules, GNSS signal processing algorithms, RTK algorithms, combined navigation algorithms and visual fusion algorithms.

  • Quality advantage

    Quality advantage

    Quality advantage

    Bynav has established a comprehensive automotive certification and quality system, obtaining certifications such as TÜV ISO26262 ASIL D, ISO 21434, IATF 16949, ASPICE, and other relevant certificates.

  • Intellectual property advantage

    Intellectual propety

    Intellectual propety

    Bynav's team excels in high-precision positioning and related fields, holding 3 IC layout design registration certificates and over 40 national invention patents.

  • Service advantage

    Service advantage

    Service advantage

    Bynav has focused on high-precision positioning for a decade,offering full-spectrum customer support from chips and raw data to algorithms, software, hardware, and complementary tools.

Recruitment Qualifications

Recruitment Qualifications

-GNSS related company was established at least one year before. We need the documents to verify.

- The company has at least one year of agency experience in GNSS related product services.

-The company has the full employee of at least one EE/CS related person, who can perform basic equipment installation and troubleshooting.

- Meet MOQ (minimum order quantity) order and volume per year. This volume changes with regional/national coverage.

- The company has at least two dedicated sales/marketing person for BYNAV GNSS product line.


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