GNSS High-precision Positioning Baseband ASIC




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GNSS Baseband ASIC

High-precision GNSS baseband ASIC chip Alita is launched based on our extensive applications of mature FPGA solutions. Alita can track up to 72 satellites simultaneously and support BDS-3 signals. Meanwhile, its channels, sensitivity and anti-jamming performance have achieved all-round development and improvement. Integrated multi-sensor fusion interface supports 4-channel frequency-variable output and synchronization signal of the EVENT input. The synchronization accuracy is 20ns, and it can be precisely synchronized with other sensors such as LiDAR, INS and camera.

Achieve All-round Development and Improvement in
Channels, Sensitivity and Anti-jamming Performance

Track up to 72 satellites simultaneously and support BDS-3 signals

Core Technology

Core Technology

1)Vector tracking loop. Achieve better performance in anti-jamming and anti-spoofing with multi-satellite multi-frequency joint tracking.
2)Multi-correlator based multipath suppression technique. Multi-correlator based parallel correlation methods suppress multipath effect where GNSS signal is reflected off buildings in urban environment, and improve the quality of GNSS observation data.
3)Deeply integrated navigation. Support external input inertial navigation information to assist signal tracking, and provide more robust and accurate observation data in harsh environment.
4)Signal quality monitoring. Monitor real-time tracking loop performance, output the accuracy of GNSS observation.




Channel Number


Receivable Signals


B1I, B2I, B3I
B1I, B1C, B3I, B2a, B2b (Reserved)
L1C/A, L1C, L2, L5
L1, L2
E1, E5a, E5b
L1C/A, L1C, L2, L5


Capture: -142dBm

Tracking: -145dBm

Recapture Time


Dynamic Performance

Velocity: ≤500m/s

Acceleration: ≤4g

Update Rate of Observation Data

Up to 100Hz

Accuracy of Observation Data

Carrier phase:≤1mm(1σ)

Pseudo-range: 0.5M code signal: ≤ 0.20m(1σ)

                        1M code signal:≤ 0.16m(1σ)

                        2M code signal: ≤ 0.12m(1σ)

                       10M code signal:≤ 0.09m(1σ)

Timing Accuracy


Signal Interface

12-channel digital IF signal input, supporting I channel and I/Q dual-channel, 2-bit/4-bit quantization




Communication Interface

QSPI (up to 132 MHz)

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Power Consumption

0.8 W (Typical)

Optimizing Performance for Every Need


Being widely used in intelligent driving, driver license testing, surveying and mapping, engineering machinery, unmanned systems (UAVs, UAS etc.) and many other fields.

  • Automatic Driving
    Automatic Driving
  • Driving Test
    Driving Test
    Driving Test
  • Surveying and Mapping
    Surveying and Mapping
    Surveying and Mapping
  • Digital Construction
    Digital Construction
    Digital Construction
  • UAV

Ensuring Excellence in Every Step

Mass Production and Quality

Bynav has all-round automotive certificates, sophiscated equipment and fully-automated production lines to ensure mass production capacity as well as reliable and high-quality products.

GNSS Baseband ASIC

Automated Production Lines

To ensure the quality and consistency of assembly and testing of boxes and modules.


Automotive Certificates

ISO 26262 ASIL B (Product), ISO 26262 ASIL D (Management) , ISO/SAE 21434, AEC-Q104, AEC-Q100, ASPICE, IATF 16949.


Smart Management Systems

To record key data throughout the entire product life cycle and make every process traceable and manageable.


Experimental Capability

IMU Calibration Center, GNSS Laboratory, Functional Test, Durability/Environmental Test, Optical/Vision Inspection.

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