Bynav makes an appearance at GCA 2024

by Bynav


On March 6th, Geo Connect Asia 2024 opened at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore. 


As one of the most influential geospatial technology events in Asia, GCA 2024 showcased the latest geographic information systems, satellite technologies,  as well as related applications and services.


At GCA 2024 , Bynav exhibited a series of products at the exhibition, including High-precision Positioning GNSS SoC, Multi-source Fusion Positioning Modules, Positioning Box, as well as GMouse RTK Antenna, showcasing the company's technical strength and advantages in the field of high-precision positioning.


Bynav delivered a presentation titled "Reliability & Anti-Jamming: Challenges in High-precision Positioning for Unmanned Systems" during the "TECH TALK" session at the exhibition.  


The presentation delved into the challenges of reliability and anti-jamming faced by high-precision positioning in unmanned systems, and sharing Bynav's latest technological innovations.


Bynav will continue to strengthen cooperation with Singapore and globally to provide higher-quality products and services to global customers.


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