Bynav Returns To XPONENTIAL UAV Expo USA

by Bynav

On April 23,  Bynav Technology with hot products make the appearance at booth #4848 of XPONENTIAL 2024 in San Diego, USA.



Bynav is exhibiting a variety of popular products, including miniaturized GNSS/INS high-precision positioning modules for lightweight unmanned systems applications, as well as GNSS/INS high-precision combined navigation systems and  high-precision positioning all-in-one antennas suitable for medium to large unmanned systems.



The M10 and M2 series products,  built on the Bynav new generation automotive-grade GNSS high-precision positioning SoC Alice, support reception of satellite signals from all constellations and frequencies, as well as RTK resolution. 



No matter what scenarios unmanned systems are operating in ——urban canyons, waters,  roads,bridges, areas with tree cover or mountainous terrain——the built-in Bynav REAL positioning engine ensures stable and reliable positioning results.


Bynav will continue to innovate and optimize its products for different applications, empowering drones and other unmanned systems to precisely conquer more  scenarios.


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