Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality

The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and other certifications. At the same time of technological innovation, it has always insisted on "winning by quality".

Lead-free process

The entire production process is all lead-free, safer and more environmentally friendly.


Product IT inspection

Use the program to automatically test and judge instead of relying on human identification, to avoid the outflow of defective products due to human factors, and truly achieve "defense"

High and low temperature cycle aging (no power)

Exposing potential defects in all aspects of PCB, components, soldering, etc., to prevent early failure products from flowing into customers


High and low temperature impact test (energized)

Verifies the functional stability of the product when the ambient temperature changes drastically, ensuring reliable product shipments to customers

Source scene recording

The internal source signal scene is used to simulate the user's actual use environment when recording, to avoid product failure due to environmental factors.


Traceability management

Record, track, and traceability throughout the product lifecycle


Modern quality management system

Establish a comprehensive quality management system based on the PDCA cycle. In the event of a failure, thoroughly analyze the causes and formulate effective measures from the six aspects of "human, machine, material, law, ring, and measurement" to prevent recurrence.

The Bynav R&D team is deeply involved in the integrated navigation algorithm of Guardian + Inertial Navigation, focusing on providing high-precision positional services in complex environments with occlusion or strong multipath, and developing a high-precision integrated navigation device with completely independent property rights. The urban environment continues to provide high dynamics, better anti-interference, and more reliable high-precision location services.

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