EPSON and Bynav announces the release of an IMU-enhanced GNSS Rugged receiver X1

by bynav

Joint Release


Recently, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. (EPSON) announced a strategic cooperation with Bynav, a GNSS high-precision positioning core component manufacturer.


In this cooperation, Bynav launched an IMU-enhanced GNSS RTK rugged enclosure receiver X1, deeply coupling Bynav GNSS high-precision positioning and heading receiver with Epson’s new-generation high-performance industrial-grade six-axis IMU, providing reliable centimeter-level position and 3D attitude information in harsh environments.



The X1 GNSS/INS rugged receiver, measuring 116×114x38mm and weighing 432g, is highly integrated with an industrial-grade IMU (gyro 1.2 deg/hr) and embedded with deeply coupled GNSS+INS algorithm engine, supporting multi-frequency GPS/BDS/Galileo/GLONASS and multi-frequency L1/L2/L5, enabling it to provide stable high precision position and 3D attitude in harsh environments like urban canyons, elevated road, foliage canopy, tunnels, underground parking lots, and signal interference. (To download test report and raw data, please refer to


With the mass production, the X1 GNSS/INS rugged receiver can effectively reduce the high precision prositioning cost and accelerate the commercialization of automated driving systems.


Mr. Weimin Cheng, Director of Electronic Components Marketing of Epson (China) Co., Ltd, commented: "Thank to Bynav for recognizing Epson’s high-precision IMU products. Combining the advantages of Bynav’s high-precision positioning chipsets and Epson’s IMU module, the new generation of Bynav GNSS/INS rugged receiver X1 can provide strong support for automatic driving in harsh environments. "


Ms. Lisa Yang, deputy general manager of Bynav, commented: "The combination of Epson’s technical experience in inertial measurement and our technical experience in high-precision satellite positioning enables our X1 GNSS/INS receiver to achieve higher performance in positioning accuracy and robustness. Bynav is willing to join hands with Epson to provide high-precision positioning products and solutions with better performances and better prices for autonomous driving and other high-precision applications."





EPSON is committed to using high-reliability and low-noise quartz materials to manufacture quartz sensors. Based on quartz sensors and combined with Epson's high-precision processing and testing technology, we design and produce miniaturized, high-precision and high-reliability IMUs and accelerometers, which are widely used in high-precision navigation, agricultural machinery automation, autonomous driving, construction safety and geological inspection and other fields.

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About Bynav

Hunan Bynav Technology Co., Ltd. , a leading supplier of GNSS high precision receivers in Chinese driver testing market, is committed to providing reliable high-precision positioning in harsh environments. With signal processing, RTK and deep coupling algorithms as the core technology, Bynav has developed a series of products such as GNSS ASICs, GNSS receivers and GNSS/INS receiver, which is widely used in surveying and mapping, driver testing, UAVs, precision agriculture, robotics and other fields.

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